Restore Windows Backup Data After Upgrading To Newer Version

Each version of Windows Operating systems are blessed with backup utility by Microsoft to create backup of vital data we used in day to day life. The concept of backing up data is a great facility to fight against the situations where original data is confronted with data loss or corruption kind of issues. Once you have created the backup of data stored on hard drive of OS, restoring that data will be easy and effortless process. Sometimes, need to restore Windows Backup data comes in demand when BKF files goes in inaccessible mode. Each version has its own backup utility like:

  • Windows 1997, 2000, XP uses NTBackup utility to create the backup of data and store them in BKF file format.
  • In Windows Vista and upgraded version Windows 7 has replaced NTBackup with Backup and Restore utility to create backup of data.
  • Later now in latest version of Windows Operating system Windows 8 File History has introduced to create system image.

Let's consider a situation where the demand for Windows Backup Recovery tool comes in need. Suppose you have come up with system failure in Windows XP and have decided to upgrade your OS from Windows XP to Windows 7. Now in such case you have only option left is to restore data via backup files i.e. BKF files. But when you try to restore BKF file in Windows 7 it overcomes with error like "Windows Restore Utility has stopped working".

Do you ever wonder why you overcome with this kind of error? Let us tell you, basically what happens is each version has its different backup and restores utility that does not support restoring data from previous version of Windows backup utility likewise in Windows 7. Therefore, to restore BKF files data in Windows 7 acquiring a professional Windows Backup Data Restore tool is necessary.


How To Restore Windows Backup Data?

In order to restore data from Windows backup BKF Recovery tool is best choice. The tool helps in restoring healthy as well as corrupt BKF files data on every version of Windows OS. Moreover, the tool is embedded with multiple scanning options in order to restore data from corrupt backup files i.e. Quick, Advanced and Range based scan as per users requirements.

In addition, tool also provides option to preview data from corrupt BKF files into software wizard with complete details. Users can save the recovered BKF files data either into desired location or tool to restore BKF file also provide option to extract data at its original location.

Significant Assets of Windows Backup Recovery Tool

  • No Limitation on BKF File Size: Backup size depends on how much files were scheduled to get backed up. So in case you are looking for a solution which can read a large sized backup file then this tool is perfect for you as it can support a large size file providing Windows backup file recovery.
  • Multiple Scanning Modes: Quick, Deep and Range-based scanning is available in this tool and you can opt for any of them as per your need. For a minor damage in NTBackup file, go for Quick mode whereas for major corruption go for Deep scan mode. Range-based scan can be achieved for portion wise scanning.
  • Save Scanned BKF File: Software provides you an option to save already scanned file to avoid time wastage when you need to rescan it. This application helps you to manage time you can scan the file and perform the extraction of data files later when you get time.

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